2018 Highlight & Events


 Sept 11-14  H4 F01


 Sept 11-14  H4 C50 ~ C73

REDesign of China Traditional Furniture

 13:00-16:30, Sept 12  H2 G09

The Elegant Ten

 Sept 11-14  H1 D36

Maison Business School

 Sept 11-14  H2 G09

CIRCLE · Illustration SHOW

 10:30-12:30, Sept 11  H3 B61

2018 REARD Interior Design for People & Life

 14:00-16:30, Sept 11  H3 B61

Habitat Design Trend in China

 9:30-12:30, Sept 12  H3 B61

Attitude Detate

 15:00-17:30, Sept 12  H3 B61

A New Era Brings New Opportunities for Home Decoration

 10:00-12:30, Sept 13  H3 B61

Highway Culture

 Sept 11-14  North Square, SWEECC

Happy Life, Green Art

 Sept 11-14  H2 G06

Do You have Kong?

 Sept 11-14  H3 L39

The Handcraft Year of China

 Sept 11-14  H3 T01

Art Museum of JIYOUJIA

 Sept 11-14  H3 A43

Design Clinic

 Sept 11-14  H3 L41