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Date: 09-12 September, 2019
Venue: H4, SWEECC

The color trend and matching art has been one of the core topic concerned by all design industries. This year’s exhibition themed as 999 Boundaryless Color continue to invite famous color expert Di Yin as the curator and has concluded nine ways of communication with nine color themes and nine communication spaces.. It will represent the stories of popular colors of the Chinese home furnishing industry in the future three years. The exhibition will make use of various display methods like space, forum, color market and multimedia to integrate colors with home space and to represent a different color world in a unique means of expression.


Song Jianming
Professor, PH.D Supervisor, Deputy Director of Academic Committee of China Academy of Art
Executive director, Honorary Vice-president of China Fashion Color Association
Member of Academy of European Color (AEC)


Di Yin
Associate professor and master supervisor at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
President of Hangzhou Plough Color Research Co., Ltd.
One of the top ten outstanding young people in Chinese design industry


Peng Song
Architect, interior designer, new media artist
MFA in the school of art institute of Chicago
Member of CSIG (China Society of Image and Graphics)



The nine theme colors represent nine relationships between us and lovers, friends, ourselves, AI, net friends and so on.
Through making use of the adjustment and support for emotions by many elements like color, space, story and scene and combining the characteristics of the nine theme colors, nine color spaces have been created, in which communication can naturally occur and develop.

Scarlet like blush

The face-to-face companion relationship
Scarlet always symbol dopamine and is connected with love. It is like the fragrance of the ear whispering and the shy blush. The red-toned space indistinctly goes with sweet tender feelings and soft emotions and exudes attractive sex appeal and charm.

Citrine of the lemon

The diversified fun space when communicating with friends
Lemon yellow is the brightest color. It is light-hearted, breezy and natural. The yellow-toned space has an effect of making the atmosphere active and making people feel warm. It is like the conversation with friends, unrestrained and totally free, which can soon drive away the shadows in people’s heart.

Purple symbols tech

Communicate with AI
Purple is mixed by warm red and calm blue and conveys an innovative inspiration. The purple-toned space is a metaphor of exploration and wisdom and is full of dream and sense of science and technology. It embodies the more possibilities and the infinite development space of the connection between people and AI.

White like the moon

A closed pure space for intrapersonal communication
White is pure and clear, and makes people feel refreshing and relaxing. It is like returning to quiet after being glorious. The white-toned space is used to represent the intrapersonal communication and it is like a soliloquy, the most real and the purest thing in the world, a review inside, an absolute confession, and the returning to the original ego state.

Black of the outer space

A virtue world hidden behind the screen
Black is a realm of no light. It is mysterious like the black hole and is an existence of boundless inclusion. As a result, the black-toned space is used to interpret the relationship between net friends, which has infinite possibilities. Through the internet, we can pass through the reality and people’s anxiety to interact with people on the other side of the screen. It represents a contradictory condition between hidden reality and virtue demonstration.

Azure of the sky

Neutral and changing communication in workplace
After the rain, the clear sky appears from the clouds. It is flexible and changing. The azure-toned space is refreshing, simple and well arranged. It can reach a subtle balance between tension and comfort and create a good workplace communication atmosphere.

Light green like the grass

An ecological space interacting with the nature
We can feel the energy magnet field of the nature. A green-toned space for relaxing, refreshing and recovery can link people who are used to urban life to nature, thus make them relax and feel free.

Blue of the sea bottom

The connection in public space
Public means belonging to people. A public space needs to represent an all-inclusive and orderly environment for communication. The cold blue is calm and can weaken the emotional needs of different individuals in the public environment and create an orderly atmosphere, which brings serenity and self-examination.

Orange of the sunshine

Warmth and tenderness belonging to the family
Orange neutralizes the vehemence of red and the sparkle of yellow, and creates a visual feeling to make people feel warm and comfortable. The intimate conversation is like a beam of orange light through the hands to people’s heart. It brings warmth from inside and makes people radiant and enchanting with unique temperament.


Brand: ALU
Products: Eyewears,gifts,art derivatives

Products: Jewelry,sculpture,manual

Products: Glass

Products: Home Textile & Fabric

Brand: Withlin Studio
Products: Jewelry

Brand: AD+
Products: Accessories,furniture

Brand: HAWA
Products: Jewelry

Brand: the Kinford
Products: Ceramics

Products: Handmade fabrics

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