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Date: 09-12 September, 2019
Venue: H4, SWEECC

Home Plus aims at exploring a better mode for people and space to get along since its founding, which is obvious from the first Lifestyle Concept Shop home fashion zone opened in 2014 to the fifth cross-border design event themed WU·INFINITY in 2018.
This year, Home Plus will go back in philosophy to the earliest original idea and aspiration, which is to explore and build an ideal home. By raising problems, Home Plus Habitat and Laboratory has cooperated with seven well-known brands to respectively explore seven hottest problems concerned the most by the society. Through co-creation between designers and brands, seven innovative space solutions will be brought up in the form of realistic show, thus to jointly discuss how to solve the problems.


Lobby – Conceptual Theatre

All audience will enter the Concept Theatre to watch a short documentary film before they get into the main exhibition zone. The documentary is mainly about the stories behind the exhibition from the preparing stage to opening, including the problems choosing, creation of the theme elements and the production process of designers. With this, audience can fully understand the main idea of the exhibition and appreciate it while thinking about the problems.

Discussion Area

The Home Plus Courtyard Discussion Area is built with the cooperation of the international authoritative home life magazine AD Style. It provides a business activity area with unique atmosphere in the form of a book bar.



The problem of rent space of young people - shared apartment

Space theme : Shared space laboratory

How should strange men and women share one home? The design team used striking colors to create immersive experiences and to build a vivid living dwelling environment. Through soft decoration, the living space is improved and more fun is discovered, while shaping different characteristics of the shared space by soft partition and unique furniture forms.
Manufacturer :
Meijian : Meijian energizes the designers while realizing channel innovation in household goods sales through customized design tools for soft decoration industry and highly effective purchasing platform.
Design Team :
LYCS Architecture


The problem of the space demands of individuation and quality - Golden-collar home building

Space theme : Customization triggered thinking of various lifestyles

With great ingenuity, the manufacturer are not only produce qualified products but also show a vivid lifestyle way.
Manufacturer :

NOW & FUTURE :NOW & FUTURE is designed to focus on the present and explore the infinite possibilities of contemporary design and future life. With the core concept of "design, sharing, fashion and environmental protection", based on the Chinese culture, integrating international vision and embracing diversified elements, we will build a household brand with both innovation and quality.

GOODO design studio (left)
Tim Wang (right)


The problem of co-existence between people and pets - The home of cats

Space theme : Cats and the city of sky

Who can accompany you in the morning and the noon when you are sleepy and tired
Cats, pillows, the bamboo mat and bed
A cat looking up at the sky
Manufacturer :

Home Collection : As a famous brand of China’s whole house customization industry, Shangpin Home Collection has adopted innovative business mode of C2B+O2O and quickly transferred from a traditional furniture manufacturer to a modern home service enterprise.
Designer :

Chichi and Wu Kaiying : Chichi and Wu Kaiying are good at representing space and life in simple ways.


The problem of Urban residents’ yearning for pastoral life - The second residence

Space theme : The second residence of urbanite

The noisy and impetuous city has made more and more urbanite eager to go back to the nature;
Taking the rustic scenery as the background, it provides a new residence choice for urbanite and a chance for them to feel the plain life with their families;
The main purpose is parent-children interaction, and the inheritance and promotion of traditional art is stressed to make people feel the charm of inheritance.
Manufacturer :

HOOZ : HOOZ is a new original furniture brand created by Living & Dining Rooms CASA in Chengdu and a group of young cross-border designers. They start from picturing the future human settlement and create the future home in a natural and casual way.
Design Team :

HOOZ design team


The problem of integrating art and life - Bathroom space

Space theme : Artwork-level bathroom

The original intention of GALLERY Bathroom living space is to change the perception of previous lifestyle about bathroom space;
It will make the future bathroom space graceful, fashionable and tranquil as a gallery;
Thoughts, inspirations and artistic conceptions can bloom there;
People can eliminate the mental and physical exhaustion and have a good time there.
Manufacturer :

GALLERY : GALLERY is a professional segmentation bathroom subsystem solution under the whole house decoration systematic solution plan initiated by Wanwu Home, and also a subsidiary brand of Wanwu Home.
Designer :

Gary (left)
Zhong Song (right)


The problem of complex functional life in extremely small space - Single residence

Space theme : Paradox of living alone

The space for people to living alone has been constantly cut down in the reality of city life.
But in virtue world, one person equals to a group of people.
Only by facing the two worlds parallelly,
It is possible to realize living alone for real.
Manufacturer :

Designer :

Lee (left) : An architect who loves to think, an adherent of architectonics.
Samoon (right) : An imaginative illustrator and keeper of tiny space.
The two designers were both awarded the Annual Prominent Designer of the 2019 Future Award IDEAT.


The problem of deep rest under work anxiety - Bedroom space

Space theme : Deep sleep 2050

Based on the conceptual bedroom space visualization,
the space aims to show a integrated lifestyle space,
including conceptual bathroom, wardrobe and stairs.
Manufacturer :

Designer :

Liu Xing Hu

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