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Date: 09-12 September, 2019
Venue: H3 Platform, SWEECC

This exhibition gathered 11 artists to display their work. Their work includes those with humor of great wisdom and life philosophy, those of modern fashionable style in architectures of gray bricks and black tiles, those of the dog Daodao, whose melancholy feature is rather popular in the internet and also aesthetic works of the most real life.
The artists’ work combined with the original design brands to create many exquisite and wonderful little theaters of life.

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Sun Chenzhu
Curator / Artist / Designer
Founder & design director of Shanghai Tangen Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Deputy Secretary-General of the New Social Stratum Sodality of Yangpu District, Shanghai



Zheng Xinyao
Cartoon artist

Li Shoubai
Heavy colored painting artist

Murong Yindao
Cartoon artist / Animation director

Shen Xuejiang
Printmaking artist

Sun Shaobo
Cartoon Artist

Zhang Jian
Oil Painting Artist

Zhao Xiaoyin
Illustrator / Binding and layout designer

Zhao Weiqun
Cartoon artist/Publisher

Wang Jian
Ink painting artist

Xu Qiaojian
Oil painting artist

Wang Zhenkun
Illustrator/Visual artist