A Rising China Sees the Best Designs and a Happy Life in Pudong in September

05.07.2017 14:00

After 'Maison Shanghai' themed on lifestyle was successfully held for the first time last year, the hosts have designed more creative details for the event, including inspirational lifestyle scenes, unique exhibitions, exquisitely-selected furniture and utensils, and the presence of both established and emerging designers who will voice their attitudes towards the world, life and Chinese designs in Pudong of Shanghai during September 12th-15th, thereby living up to the expectations of visitors from 160 countries and regions around the world.

A celebration of design, life and emotion

Maison Shanghai, which is to be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center this September, is no doubt a celebration of design, life and emotion. This year, under the theme 'both fashionable and young', the event will present a vision of life in its magical spaces. When visitors first step into the venue's entrance, they will find their expectations for a youthful life completely met. Four painted caravans will be parked in the square. The caravan life is no longer a story of other people because visitors can personally experience it right here. Two other caravans will drive between the Shanghai New International Expo Center and Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Moreover, visitors will be able to enjoy excellent performances in the most relaxed and fashionable atmosphere at Maison Shanghai.

More details are revealed in the exhibition halls of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.
In addition to the furniture and ornament exhibition exquisitely selected by the hosts in H1 and H2, media professionals will also be present at the Business School of Modern Design launched by China-Designer. Several professionals from WOWDSGN and JIYOUJIA will analyze the relations between design and business. The authoritative international trend research body WGSN will build an interactive zone called the Modern Soft-decorated Classroom. It will not only release authoritative fashion trends but also present the cross-border exchange between fashion and furniture brands, and between original fashion designers and DOD designers.

If you have limited time or energy at the 2nd Maison Shanghai, we encourage you to visit H3 and H4. The Design of Designers (DOD), which has been held for five consecutive years, will be held in H3 of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Abandoning the form of cubicles adopted in previous years, it will adopt the Modern Block concept this year, installing the designers' stores, flower shops, bookstores, supermarkets and art galleries along the landmark streets of Shanghai, and hosting a series of activities including China Handicraft Year, Speech Marathon, Band Performance and Central Stage. Here you will not only see exhibitions but also travel in time to the most stylish neighborhoods in Shanghai, such as Tianzi Fang, Hengshan Road and M50. Can't wait to be there?
As China is advocating the real economy and upgrading consumption, Chinese design is being increasingly accepted by the market. More and more people believe that China can have her own designs and that not only foreign designs are the best. In recent years, Chinese designs have been seen in famous overseas exhibitions and Chinese designers are receiving awards at international events, which makes us feel confident in and proud of Chinese designs. This September, we will build the Maison Shanghai platform in the brand-new 'Design China' section to ensure that the best emerging designers can show their talents and philosophy of life in China, reveal the lifestyles of Chinese people, gain a more extensive emotional echo and convey the strongest voice of China's attitude. Last year, the New China Design Exhibition gained fame in the industry, and it also received the 2016 Design Incident Award of the New China Design Institute of SOHU HOME FOCUS. This year, the New China Design exhibition section will be upgraded. Several design masters will join us to launch Utensil and Atmosphere Production, the first volume of China Style – New China Design, which will make a rational and collective summary and display of the new Chinese furniture design trends in the country. This year, 12 designers will be present at Home Plus to interpret exquisite modern living spaces from the perspective of 12 constellations, giving the audience a taste of the different sensibilities of China.