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09.04.2018 14:00


Shenzhen, China
Home Decoration

KATIA HOME is a set of production, sales and space design as one of the overall home company. Since 2008, KATIA has been committed to lead a leisurely, humane way of American home life. The design director of Icy and the design team have perennial travel overseas, in-depth study and experience the local culture, the development of authentic home ornaments, a piece of injected new life products, carrying love and longing for a better life.

In recent years is the integration of the European manufacturing high quality products, making products more diverse and rich, has provided the Home Furnishing supplies for China personality and the world millions of families, customers throughout the United States, France, Australia, Germany, Russia and other 30 countries, and provide products and design support for more than 4,000 professional organizations in china.