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21.05.2019 13:52

H2 G39

 Shenzhen, China

◇ EPLIGHT is a high-value creative product of E.P. Design Lab's technology collision aesthetics, which can meet the needs of daily night light and commercial atmosphere lighting. After thousands of experiments, it has finally presented a safe and reliable scientific quality and fantastic aesthetic effects. The new material combination and production process innovation, anti-scalding, anti-fall, environmental protection and durability. E.P.Light changes the inherent perception of traditional light or bulbs, giving the styling function and visual color of the lighting fixtures more possibilities, and the rigorous science collides with the romantic aesthetics, so that each lamp has a unique artistic form.
◇ E.P.Design Lab is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Yibei Culture Technology Co., Ltd., a creative design and development company dedicated to integrating traditional handicrafts, high-tech materials and artistic aesthetics, and designing cultural and technological categories that upgrade the quality of life and aesthetics product.